An agreement was signed between the OMCPL and the IAT

An agreement was signed between the OMCPL and the IAT

In the scope of the III World Forum of Cities and Logistic Platforms, held in Seville under the slogan ‘Cities and Logistics Platforms as Instruments for Economic Development’, the OMCPL (World Organization of Cities and Logistic Platforms) and IAT (Andalusian Institute of Technology) sealed a collaboration agreement between both entities.

Convenio entre la OMCPL y el IAT

The signatories of this agreement have been the presidents of IAT and OMCPL, respectively, José Luis Calvo Borrego and Ricardo Ernesto Partal Silva.

This agreement constitutes a framework for generating synergies, sharing achievements, exchanging knowledge and promoting any common cooperation activities that may be generated for the development of the institutional purposes of the OMCPL and IAT. In this regard, actions have already been initially planned such as collaborating in the positioning of each of the organizations, jointly disclosing their activities and maintaining a link through a constant institutional relationship.

The OMCPL, as an observatory specialized in its field, will collaborate with IAT in the aspects of logistics, sustainability and social inclusion in aspects related to the management of logistics platforms and transport corridors.