Consulting and Advice

Consulting and Advice

Due to the level of our activities at an international level, our World Organization can provide the development of specialized consultancy in the development of Logistics and Strategic Logistics Infrastructure projects, as well as the implementation of sustainable policies and the integration of Trade Corridors and Logistic Platforms. .

We help detect improvement opportunities that add value to their operations and to develop and implement the best logistics and manufacturing practices appropriate to the company, in order to achieve competitive advantages sustainable and adjusted to the ” Fair Logistics® “.

For the development of the projects, we include in the team the key personal of the client to involve him / her in the development and implementation of the solution, facilitate its later management and achieve an adequate transfer of knowledge.

From our services, we offer advice, management and projects in the following areas of expertise:

  • Port Logistics
  • Logistics of Cities
  • Implementation of Public Policies in the field of infrastructure development Logistics
  • Development of Logistic Platforms; Industrial Parks; Multimodal and Intermodal
  • Logistics Development Poles
  • Logistic Cost Analysis
  • Supply logistics and supply chains
  • Training in investment attraction programs
  • Development of reverse logistics programs.