During the completion of the 3rd. World Forum of Cities and Logistic Platforms, held in the city of Seville; Andalusia, Spain; we began the installation of the “global observatory of cities and logistics platforms”; which will be integrated with prestigious universities in the world and which will each represent a continent. It will be accompanied by multilateral institutions such as our permanent advisor, ECLAC and the collaboration of the IDB and CAF; We will invite the European Union and other similar organizations from other continents …

This Observatory should consider among the aspects, -in addition to the logics that support a good logistic operation of cities and platforms- another innovator that emanates from within our World Organization and we expose it below:

In the R & D; How do “development” work? This was the question posed and more valid than ever.

Well, as this aspect is of vital importance for the countries; we will put “last name” and … “last name composed”.

You can not follow this development to the free criteria of those who choose to incorporate it into their efforts. The R & D, will be transformed for the World Organization and so we raise it to the world regulatory bodies, so that it is analyzed as a new and ultra-necessary certification … contained S (sustainability) + In (integration) + Is (social inclusion) .

While the international organizations, analyze it, we in the world organization of cities and logistics platforms, we put it into practice from the very beginning of the 3rd. world forum, within the development of fair logistics.